Friday, May 28, 2010

Escape From LA

First Post. :D Hey everyone. This is Escape From LA. In case you don't know who WE are, we're two dj's making mashups, remixes, and original tracks as well as providing tons of fun . Most of our material is on our Soundcloud but you can also check our other various profiles. Here are ALL of our profile links for the moment:

We'll have more in the future and we'll keep you updated. We will try to post at least twice a week and provide links to our newest tracks. Here's a short summary about us:

Coming together in late August 2009 (They had been DJ-ing individually for a little more than a year), Escape From LA began easing into the DJ setting, starting with computerized software such as Ableton Live, Garageband, and Virtual DJ. This would only be the beginning of a new journey with music. Although these DJ's are fairly new to the hipster culture, they have produced several masterpieces like "Axel F Is Galvanizing Robots in 1987," "Bruised Lollipops In The Water," "Right Round vs. Flashback," and "Flickin' (Escape From LA Remix)" and has received worldwide attention for them. See for yourself:
So far, these DJ's have been contacted by several international labels in the past few weeks and have also been featured on several prominent DJ websites. You never know what will happen next.

If you want to have any original tracks of yours remixed, send us a message on one of our profiles. Also, if you have any recommendations, comments, or constructive criticism, let us know ASAP.

-Escape From LA