Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Men Behind the Mask.

Please check out Fifth Canal Corporation's Page:


They have done a fantastic job, creating our masks and sending us updated versions as well. Fifth Canal Corporation is a very talented company, which we will be affiliated with forever.

Here's a little more information about where they're from and what they do:

Onimaru by Fifthcanal Co.,Ltd.

We come from Bangkok,Thailand. We have started making this kind of mask since March 2009. We started by making a sculpting prototyped with clay,then produced from the prototype the masks with fiber-glass and sold them in Ebay.

We have sold our masks all over the world not less than 300 masks. Then we realized that the production of the mask used fiber-glass has limitation in development and could not make strict quality control piece by piece because each mask was handmade. So in the middle of the year 2009,we have started the project making our mask using industrial method and registered our company in the name Fifthcanal Co.,Ltd. in January 2010.

In the month of February, 2011, we have launched a new mask which we are confident of its quality under the brand name"Onimaru" which means "Devil toy" in Japannese.It is our joy and pride to have done research of more than a year to find the thing which we think best for our customer.

Our team work consist of me, Dave who is a founder,managing & creative director. I am the one who set and develop the graphics of the mask. Which graphic you want just tell me I'll have it done for you. And I'm the one behind every mask you buy.

Ja is a co-founder, executive director. We have been friends since University time. He is a dentist, so he is in charge of taking care and developing on how the masks fit. The faces of the wearers including the over-all development of the mask.

Charlie is a skill-full engineer. He has made the drawing of the mask and control its production. He has been a friend of Ja since high-school. For this model, he is the keyman.

P'Tor is graffitist of of high level in the graffiti circle in Thailand. He is an expert in the 3-dimensions graffiti. When takes about P'Tor, no one does not know him.

P'Paul is an artist from Srivichai, the land in the Southern part of Thailand. He is a very capable artist, that every time he picks the brush, the stunning result occurs.

We hope that our good intention will make you get the best as much as we have done own best.

Here are some of their other fantastic products:


Some of their newer products:

Check out their masks in action!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Escape From LA w/DJ Sasha

Our show with DJ Sasha, Roma Dub, Ployd, Avalanche, Luis Valencia, and Oktaform went well. We had a great crowd and had so much fun! For everyone that came, be on the lookout for our next shows! Check out our facebook fan page for more details.